Flowers are a key component of any wedding.  They play many important roles; they set the ambiance for the wedding and help add a romantic feel to the event.  Benoitta David, La Florette, Kochi, the mastermind behind the luxurious wedding concept loves doing weddings. Her team has done the flowers for weddings flawlessly for the last 25 years. Life, Luxe, and Labels sets out to explore the magic that goes beyond roses and lilies.

The Floral Designer

La Florette Studio

La Florette Studio

Benoitta’s creativity and passion for flowers equal to her soft spoken nature and warmth as a person. Watch her team work you’ll discover why she has turned out to be one of the best-loved floral designers and wedding managers in the city. La Florette is one of Kochi’s premier luxury floral designers and wedding management company. Their lavish and abundant use of white and cream palettes and distinctive vision is known for creating opulent, serene and memorable floral displays that transform weddings and events both at home and abroad.

Table arrangements with white an pink flowers and candles

Table Arrangements

Benoitta has spent more than 25 years planning weddings; from flowers to full design; interpreting every dream and creating emotive atmospheres. Her nascent design sense displayed itself in her childhood itself. Her father Fletcher David was a wedding designer. She remembers those days when she was a kid; he used to bring home the extra flowers. She had a special skill to work with those flowers and decorate her home. This ability transformed into an ability to work with that medium that could so easily, through a use of both traditional and contemporary techniques, to transform the whole aesthetic and atmosphere of a space. Her aim is to delight her clients by presenting a blissful venue on their special day.

About La Florette

Beach venue decoration with roses and peonies

Venue Decoration

Though La Florrette deals with the complete wedding management, their keen passion lies in flowers and decors. The secret of La Florette’s success is her perfection and attention to detail. The teams cross check each and every piece of décor before they are displayed. One flower out of line and the whole bouquet is rearranged. They also make sure that no flower goes waste in the making. Benoitta has her flowers delivered from different places including Ooty, Bangalore, and Thailand. The flowers are carefully packed, each stem in a special plastic sheet, layered between reams of paper and carefully placed in a carton. Once received, they are placed carefully in a bucket of water and stored in an air-conditioned room so that the flowers retain their shape, texture, and color. They are eco-friendly and sustainable as the flowers are not treated with any kinds of chemicals.

Clients know that the team selects only the freshest and finest flowers, marrying them with handpicked vessels, creating delicious arrangements that arrest the senses and enliven rooms, parties, weddings, and events. The creations reflect refined, luxurious arrangements with modern class.

The Colors

White candles floating in a jar filled with white roses and green foliage

All Time Favorite White and Green

The love of whites, off-whites, light pink, peaches, and cream is evident in the beige hued arrangements while the silhouettes are clustered and robust. Though few brides prefer dramatic colors for the theme; most brides go with the classic serene hues, white, green and golden being their favorite. At the end of the day white lies at the epitome of wedding decor. It is a classic wedding color and seems to be making a regular appearance either on its own or mixed with other colors. White and ivory look set to remain popular throughout, as do traditional blooms like roses and calla lilies. The most popular combination is pink, nude and white; these delicate and subtle shades are perfect for a wedding. They lend themselves beautifully to the classic and elegant style of some of the city’s most elegant weddings.

The Flowers

A bouquet of roses and other flowers

Bouquet of Flowers

Lillies, Peonies, and Blousy Garden roses are the firm favorites. A variety of looks can be achieved with these key flowers. We can see a lot of these flowers in whites, and the brightest color in the room will be a pale pink. La Florette creates full, tall and elegant designs with the addition orchids for extra glamor. Hanging designs needs a special mention. From the simplicity of suspending lots of simple rose heads from a tree, or hanging jars filled with flowers, to an elaborate hanging floral ball within a marquee setting and a grand floral, twig and foliage ceiling design to a luxurious chandelier.

“It isn’t easy”, she says. “I am seriously hustling to start creating the perfect wedding flowers for a bride’s big day.”

This can include choosing specific flowers that are suitable for the client’s wedding vision, sourcing vessels, and containers from various resources, making sure the needed materials are not on back order and getting enough supplies of each to meet the bride’s needs. Once the flowers arrive at the workshop, and this is where the start of the work begins. There are countless hours that go into the placement and design of each floral piece: from bouquets to each hand-created boutonniere, corsage, centerpiece, aisle flower, and detail. The flowers must be packaged, misted and placed into air-conditioned transportation to arrive in good form to the wedding venue. Once they have arrived, all flowers are placed in the coolest spot, and then on-site set-up begins.  The team at La Florette ensures everything is just as outlined in the paperwork, and adds any other finishing touches to the wedding day look.

Bringing It Altogether

Setting the Venue

Brides always have many questions when it comes to choosing the best florals for their wedding. “What flowers should I include in my bouquet? What color and shape works best with my dress? How big should my bouquet be? What flowers are in season? What color should the ribbon wrap be?” are some of them.

Benoitta adds, “The design of your bouquet will be very dependent on the style, shape, color, and detail of your dress.”

She thinks about the size and comfort when it comes to your bouquet. Hand-tied bouquets are the most popular style, but loose, cascading and free-form floral designs are also in demand. The best bouquet design is one that which doesn’t overshadow you out or fight with the beautiful details of your dress. The best strategy is to choose one main color and two complimentary colors for your florals. This gives the designers ample working space to create a beautifully stylish design. Some flowers will not available at certain times of the year, or are very expensive. Seasonal florals will always be less expensive and in the best shape with the deepest colors, richest fragrance and freshest stems.

It’s not unusual for the team to put in a twelve or even eighteen hour day leading up to a wedding, starting at the crack of dawn the day before and finally falling into bed in the small hours the following morning. But they know that there is nothing more gratifying than watching the bride’s face light up when you deliver her bouquet.

“Yes it can be back-breaking and exhausting; yet at the same time, like any creative job, it is exhilarating and completely fulfilling to see one’s ideas and creations unfold, emerge and be realized into something quite beautiful,” she said. All that effort to be appreciated and enjoyed by so many, not to mention to be part of such a momentous occasion; it is always, without exception, worth the effort to craft an arrangement that reflects her client.