Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein

A good marketing professional does not mean someone who simply conveys a brand message just as it without giving importance to the listener or their comprehension. Instead, it starts off by being as good conversation, where both the speaker and the listener are equally engaged, the information is genuine and meaningful, and ideas conceive naturally in the flow of the dialogue. There are very few impactful marketeers who have these qualities instilled in them that makes them shine. And this very element makes the women I am going to talk about in the next few lines about.

A word-wizard, a wonderful conversationalist, a people’s person, and a marketing communication professional, now Excelra’s Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, this are some of the words and titles that define Urvi Mehta.

Urvi holds a degree in Business Management from Bangalore University, India and has more than fifteen years of experience in transforming business initiatives and marketing strategies to bottom-line results in sales, revenue and client growth. She ventured into the healthcare and life sciences vertical about seven years ago and has worked with some of the top names in the industry, like Indegene, before joining Excelra.

Before her corporate stint, Urvi has spent almost a decade in media. She started her career with working on scripts for documentaries and ad films and has been an assistant creative director for Mohammad Ali Baig, a well-known ad filmmaker and a theatre personality. Her knack in explaining a concept in creative ways that is different than normal has helped her create successful ad films for several well-known brands like Prestige TTK, Gold Coin Ceramic Tiles, to name a few.

From there she went on to start her own creative agency called Grey Matter Media House. Urvi worked with top brands on their communication channels, promoting each brand not through superficial promises but through strategic narratives, building its authenticity, reliability and trust among the consumers.

And at the end of the day, when she is not working, Urvi is passionate about photography, fashion and travel. She is a single mother to a 13-year-old brat, Jay.

Transition from a Marketing and Communication Professional to Architectural Photographer

I am passionate about photography and like to try out new subjects. I have tried my hands on fashion photography, travel, street and architecture. I did my first architectural photo-shoot when I was trying to help a friend, a famous interior designer, take pictures of her projects. I experimented with different modes and angles till I became confident about the shots. I love beautiful houses and spaces, which motivates me to do more and more of such pictures.

Architectural photography or for that matter any photography is about the composition. It is about making sure that you create an aesthetic composition with the right visual contrast, makes the picture interesting. It is important to it a human touch, a human element easily connects with the audience than plain objects and spaces. Including the surrounding scenery also enhances the image. Make sure you have the right weather, lenses, and brightness to make a statement ready picture.

Urvi on her Passion for Travelling, especially the SOLO ones

You will see the same sunrise and sunset everywhere, but where you see it from, makes all the difference.

Traveling gives me a lot of perspective on life. I can’t imagine what I would be like if not for the travels. Every travel, be it solo, business or with family or friends, teaches me so much. Solo travels help me connect with myself. I would not like to say that I do it to get clarity, instead for me; it is about having me at the centre for that time, which does not happen otherwise. I am quite my own lover. I enjoy my time to myself, although I do not get it so often. Over time the lesson I learn again and again is that you have one life, love it the most. If you do not learn to love your life first, no one else would ever care about you. Love yourself and do whatever makes you happy. It’s worth all that you do to earn that joy.


Winter Fashion and Attire in Vogue

I would start by saying being comfortably stylish is my mantra. If the 6-inch stilettoes hurt you, settle for pumps with heels between 2-31/2 inch. Closed toe and pointed heels are always more classy. Navy blue, oxblood and monochrome will be the hues in trend. Variants of pink are passé. I personally like to wear over-sized tops with fitted pants. Winter is all about layering yourself, rather than wearing one thick jacket; I like to keep it simple, elegant and stylish.

Future ventures and endeavours.

While I pursue my marketing role, I would like to get back to entertainment if there is a right opportunity. Life is full of surprises and I let the surprises come along rather than heeding too much in planning.


With such passion, determination, and achievements to talk about, people who know her have one thing to say: she has a golden heart in which lies the secrets to motivate anyone in their lows.

Women especially ones like Ms Urvi Mehta are the new face of the evolving and changing India we all dream of.